All clubwear items are available for order, except for a few t-shirts that we will keep in stock.

We need at least 5 orders per item of clothing for the manufacturer to make them. You can have your name printed on the upper-body items for an additional SEK 100. Choose your first name or your nickname. It is possible to have both your first and last names printed if there is enough space. Names can only be specially ordered, we won’t keep any such items in stock.

Size guide:

Women (W):XS-XXL

Men (M): S-XXXL



Raceshirt, SEK 665 (women/men)

Racetights, SEK 590 (women/men)

Racesuit, SEK 1,240 (women/men)

Element plus lined jacket, SEK 1,160 (women/men)

Short tights, SEK 310 (Run 2.0)

T-shirts, SEK 330 You must try! The material is thinner than our current model called “Free”. (Run women, men)